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Our online shop is now open! We're starting off with a limited range of products and will be adding items in waves, so check back regularly as the online shop expands!

Have a Scent Event!

Cassie's is available for in-store Scent Events—treat yourself and your friends to an evening of unique fragrance creation! Your group will have the store to yourselves as you mix, blend and create your very own custom scents.

$40 per person includes a 1/2 oz of perfume oil AND an 8 oz bodycare product scented with the fragance you create.

Scent events are private functions, held after hours (after 6pm Mon-Thu, after 8pm Fri-Sat, after 5pm Sun) for groups of 3 to 12.

Perfect for:
  • birthdays

  • bridesmaids' parties

  • a unique party experience

You may bring your own refreshments.

Call the store to schedule your Scent Event!